ROXY MUSIC, July 2005, Frankfurt/Germany

Great Show of a still wonderful band! Really enjoyed it, although it was a little bit short...

A few movies.
(Be warned! Bad quality! Huge files! Only for fans! ;-))

13 sec of "remodel/remake (2MB)

25 seconds of "out of the blue"(4,5MB)

1:53min of "ladytron" (19MB)
the same, more compressed version (4MB)

27 seconds of "song for Europe" (4,8MB)

21 seconds of "dreamhome heartache" (4MB)

2min dreamhome heartache (22Mb)
the same, more compressed version (6MB)

24 seconds "jealous guy" (4,5MB)

Some pictures
...where you can't see too much (resized)...

 I cut out the important parts of some of the pictures - not resized ;-))